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10 facial mists for combination, dry and oily skin

Facial mists are a rather underrated product but when used, gives instant hydration anytime, anywhere. All skin types can use it to keep skin hydrated, especially when most of your days are spent sitting in air-conditioned room and lecture halls.  Tired skin feel refreshed, and it is a great pick-me-up. Some mists are even able to set your makeup. 

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Vichy Thermal Spa WaterVichyMoisturisers Favful
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Vichy Thermal Spa Water is a miracle of nature, naturally rich in 15 beneficial minerals + antioxidants essential to skin's function and healthy appearance. Soothes the skin and reinforces its natural barrier function. 

Key benefits and ingredients:
Helps fight the signs of skin aging. Skin is protected & fortified, more resistant to environmental aggressors. Overall skin quality and health is improved. Light mist provides an immediate refreshing effect on skin. Boosts skin comfort and helps fortify skin against irritation and sensitivity.100% pure & natural. 
After spraying, leave it to work for a few moments then gently dry. During the day, it immediately soothes and refreshes. Use morning and night to complete your cleansing routine. 

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Jurlique Rose Water Balancing MistJurliqueMoisturisers Favful
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Rose Water Balancing Mist is a multibenefit lightweight mist that hydrates and balances the complexion, naturally sets makeup, and refreshes the skin and senses. 

Key benefits and ingredients:
After cleansing, this hydrating mist balances and conditions the complexion, preparing the skin for maximum absorption of serums and moisturizers. Rose essential oil, marshmallow, and aloe help to hydrate and soften skin, while grapefruit seed extract provides antioxidant protection. This uplifting rose mist instantly refreshes the skin and can be spritzed throughout the day for a quick pick-me-up. It’s quick drying and non-sticky finish makes it the perfect final step to keep makeup looking fresh and dewy all day long. 
-Shake before use.
-Gently mist the face (with eyes closed) to refresh and tone anytime. 

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Loccitane Immortelle Precious MistLoccitaneMoisturisers Favful
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Immortelle Precious Mist is an alcohol-free face mist enriched with immortelle floral water for refreshed skin.

Key benefits and ingredients:
Moisturize and revitalize the skin on the go with Immortelle Precious Mist. Use any time of the day to help set makeup and immediately refresh skin.
-Apply the Precious Mist to the face and neck as needed.
-Hold the bottle eight inches away from the face with eyes closed, and spray in a circular motion.
-Let it absorb into the skin.

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La Roche Posay Thermal Spring WaterLa Roche PosayMoisturisers Favful
La Roche Posay
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The Thermal Spring Water is at the heart of most of La Roche-Posay's products. Its unique combination of mineral salts and trace elements has been scientifically demonstrated for its soothing properties and used in Europe for centuries.  

Key benefits and ingredients:
Contains a high concentration of selenium, a powerful natural antioxidant. Mineral-rich micro-droplets provide immediate, intense soothing. A gentle, fine mist of micro-droplets. Last step in cleansing, first step in caring, to tone and refresh skin. 

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Givenchy Mist Me GentlyGivenchyMoisturisers Favful
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Mist Me Gently is a light, moisturizing mist. 

Key benefits and ingredients:
Givenchy Mist Me Gently—Instant Moisturizing & Relaxing Mist freshens and treats the skin with its ultra-fine micro-droplets. It provides moisturizing action with hyaluronic acid, which slows the evaporation of water, and an anti-stress action, thanks to its Yin Yang complex of Egyptian lotus, sacred lotus, and magnesium salt. Spritz it on prior to makeup to refresh and soften or after for a quick fix. 
Can be worn before or after makeup or on its own. 

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Caudalie Grape WaterCaudalieMoisturisers Favful
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Caudalie Grape Water is a signature, soothing 100 percent organic Grape Water extracted directly from pure grapes. A cult favorite amongst makeup artists and celebrities, Grape Water provides an immediate benefit of +127 percent hydration and -61 percent skin sensitivity upon use. 

Key benefits and ingredients:
Perfect for sensitive skin, this water soothes rosacea and reduces redness. The versatile product can be used as a toner after cleansing, as a setting spray before applying makeup, or to refresh and hydrate the skin throughout the day. 
Do not pat dry after spraying. 

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The Body Shop Vitamin E Face MistThe Body ShopMoisturisers Favful
The Body Shop
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A quick skin pick-me up and excellent for setting make-up. Spritz it on for instant refreshment, moisture, and protection. With a delicate rosewater scent.

Key benefits and ingredients:
Shea Butter
•    Our Community Fair Trade shea butter is sourced from northern Ghana, where it has been used for centuries to protect skin from harsh Saharan winds. We work with The Tungteiya Women’s Shea Butter Association to produce the rich shea butter we use in our products. The Body Shop provides the 528 women of the Association with a fair wage, and also pays a premium for the women to invest in community projects. Anita Roddick placed our first order in 1994 after an earlier visit to Ghana where she discovered the natural moisturising properties of shea butter and the amazing women who produced it.


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Avene Thermal Spring Water 50mlAveneMoisturisers Favful
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Avène Thermal Spring Water soothes, softens and calms skin. Spray anywhere using a convenient travel-size bottle.

Key benefits and ingredients:
•Soothes redness associated with inflammation  
•Calms itching sensations  
•Rich in silicate and trace elements  
•Low salt mineral content does not dry out the skin  
•pH 7.5 – perfect balance of anions and cations  
•Sterile packaging– bacteriologically pure


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Mac Mineralize Charges Skin Hydrating MistMacMoisturisers Favful
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Mineralize Charges Skin Hydrating Mist is a blend of Mineralize Charged Water and diamond powder that hydrates and energizes skin. 

Key benefits and ingredients:
A fusion of Mineralize Charged Water and pure diamond powder that instantly shifts skin's energy level to replenish lost moisture. Enlivens, energizes and revitalizes the skin. Readily absorbs into the skin to keep it soft and supple and to create a smooth surface for makeup adhesion.
Hold bottle 12 inches away from face and spray evenly.
Use alone or to finish makeup.

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Clinique Moisture Surge Face SprayCliniqueMoisturisers Favful
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Moisture Surge Face Spray is an oil-free face spray that rapidly replenishes skin's moisture level, restoring balance, softening, and soothing.

Key benefits and ingredients:
Bursting with moisture and active aloe, this must-have oil-free face spray softens and soothes the skin while hydrating and restoring balance. The perfect size to use on the go for showers of thirsty skin relief, this spray rapidly refreshes and rejuvenates the skin.
-Hold 10 to 12 inches from face.
-Close eyes and spray a light mist.
-Use in addition to daily moisturizer, under or over makeup, or whenever skin feels thirsty.
-Avoid spraying into eyes.
-Recommended for all skin types. 

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