Summer Vibes with Skin Protection

10 Face Sunscreens That Won't Clog Your Pores

Think that you only need a to use a sunscreen when you're on a beach holiday? Sorry, girls, but it's also important to integrate it in your daily skin care routine. Your face is constantly exposed to harmful UV rays when you're out and about, and the exposure speeds up the development of fine lines and wrinkles. While a normal sunblock is too heavy and greasy to be used on your face, we've chosen these particular sunscreen products that have been specially formulated to be non-greasy, so they won't clog up your pores. Don't forget, if you want to maintain younger looking, healthy skin, don't skip on the sunscreen!

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Yadah Oh My Sun Block 50mlYadahFace Sunscreen Favful
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Yadah Oh My Sun Block SPF35 PA is an extremely gentle and non-greasy light-weight waterproof oil-free cream that offers super-effective high protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Key benefits and ingredients:
Natural and organic-based ingredients make it less irritating on the skin. To apply especially before any outdoor activity.


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Yadah Oh My Sun Slush 50mlYadahFace Sunscreen Favful
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Light slush type sun care product full of prickly pear cactus! It is light as a moisturizer and is absorbed into the skin amazingly. It is slush gel type that maintains lightness and retains moisture

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Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA++++Kiehl'sFace Sunscreen Favful
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• New & improved formula with extended protection against long UVA rays
• Newly-added Rosa Gallica to soothe and calm skin
• Oil-free, fragrance-free, colorant-free, non-comedogenic
• Helps prevent against 90% of skin ageing

Suitable for sensitive skin

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Clarins Sunscreen Multi-Protection Broad Spectrum SPF50ClarinsTreatments Favful
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Sunscreen Multi-Protection Broad Spectrum SPF50 is a versatile sunscreen to protect from UVA/UVB rays, pollution, and free radicals while improving skin’s texture and tone. 

Key benefits and ingredients:
Clarins' multi-protection sunscreen with broad-spectrum SPF 50 and an exclusive anti-pollution complex shields skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays, pollution, and free radicals. It protects skin from the appearance of dark spots and future aging, and preserves skin’s youthfulness and radiance. The sheer, ultra-lightweight texture forms an invisible yet powerful film, making it ideal for application over your regular day care. 

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Mentholatum Sunplay UV Body Mist SPF130+PA+++MentholatumSkin Care Favful
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- High SPF130 PA++++ protection

- Lightweight & non greasy formula

- Water/Sweat resistant. Ideal for long hours of water and outdoor activities

- Contains anti-oxidant of vitamin C & E to fight free radicals and enhance skin fairness

- Free from Colorant, Fragrance, Oxybenzone and Paraben

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Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+/PA++++ BioreSkin Care Favful
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Suitable for face and body application, Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA+++ contains Aqua Micro Capsules which has UV absorbing ingredients to provide strong, long-lasting double block yet with light and cool “Water-like” fresh feeling.

Non-sticky and non-greasy, it spreads and absorbs by the skin easily.

Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid and Mix Citrus Essence as moisturising ingredients to keep skin hydrated.

Non sticky and non greasy, it is so comfortable for everyday use!

Features & Benefits

• Mild fresh fruity fragrance
• Easy to spread on skin
• Quick absorption

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Dr.Jart+Perfect Sunblock Every Sun Day SPF50 PA+++ 50mlDr.Jart+Skin Care Favful
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What it is: 
A sunscreen that offers powerful UV defense, plus moisturizing and soothing benefits. 

What it is formulated to do: 
This sunscreen protects against UV rays while soothing and protecting sun-irritated skin. The formula contains moisturizing ingredients, which help prevent dryness without leaving the skin feeling sticky or hindering makeup application. The subtle, light pink-beige color helps brighten and color correct the skin tone for a brighter and healthier look. 

What else you need to know: 
This product is dermatologist tested and cruelty-free. It is free of skin-clogging mineral oil for a clear and fresh glow.

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Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion SPF50+ PA+++ NeutrogenaSkin Care Favful
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Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Complete UV Waterlight Lotion SPF50 PA+++ is a superior ultra-lightweight protection lotion against UV and environmental aggressors for healthy, beautifully radiant skin. With breakthrough Helioplex™ that works like an invisible shield for skin by effectively blocking out harmful UVA/UVB rays and helping neutralize free radical damage. Skin is provided with superior protection against darkening and signs of premature aging.

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Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50/PA+++ 30mlBioreSkin Care Favful
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Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF 50+ PA+++ Superior UV block with long-lasting protection against harmful UVA & UVB sunrays.

Formulated with sebum absorbing powder, prevents skin from becoming sticky and oily and is effective as a make-up base.

Does not clog pores, and its light texture spreads smoothly on the face!

Perfect for the summer heat


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Shiseido Anessa Face Sunscreen BB #Natural Beige SPF50+PA++++ ShiseidoSkin Care Favful
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Shiseido Anessa Face Sunscreen BB SPF 50+ PA++++ is a light-weight BB cream with sunscreen benefit to protect your skin from the damages of UVA and UVB. The BB cream adheres the skin beautifully with water and sweat resistant features for long lasting coverage. It can be used as makeup base or foundation which smooths out rough skin texture and correct skin complexion for concealing imperfections. The waterproof cream features Shiseido's newly developed ""M Multi UV Action"" technology that provides superb protection against skin-aging UVA rays while mild enough for use on even the most delicate skin. Its blend of ""Super Hyaluronic Acid"" and ""Double Collagen GL"" forms thin veil on the skin to keep skin moisturized to prevent dryness and tightness caused by the dry air. It aslo contains ""skin beautifying powder"" and light-diffusing pigments to even skin tone, minimize visible pores, smooth uneven skin texture. Shiseido Anessa Face Sunscreen BB SPF 50+ PA++++ won't create a white layer after application, and it has 2 shades available for different skin tone: Light: yellow undertone; for fair to light complexion Natural: yellow undertone; for light to medium complexion

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Dr Belmeur Daily Repair Blue Sunscreen SPF50+/PA++Dr BelmeurFace Sunscreen Favful
Dr Belmeur
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"A gentle sunscreen lotion with Guaiazulene soothes skin irritated by the sun’s ray and heat and leaves skin feeling hydrated.
Low-irritant soothing, moisturizing, and skin protection solution SKIN-SYNC RX: DAILYREPAIR (H): formulated with Guaiazulene, Chamomile Flower Water, and Natto Gum that work tosoothe irritated skin from external aggressors 
Guaiazulene formula soothes skin heated and irritated from UV rays while leaving skin hydrated(protects skin damaged from sun exposure & heat) 
Easy application with low irritation 
Powerful UVA & UVB protection: SPF50+ / PA ++ to prevent photoaging 
Aqua gel texture: plentiful moisture & cooling effect once applied to skin that overcomes the heavy texture of usual sunscreen products 
High quality & non-sticky soft finish 
Formulated without 5 additives: parabens, tar colorant, mineral oil, animal-derived ingredients 
Dermatologically tested 
*Completed testing on eye area irritation 
*Completed testing on skin for possible irritation 
*Blue colored (natural hue), fluid type sunscreen (quick-absorbing) Fragrance 
*Allergen-free fragrance

Apply at the end of skincare step 
Dispense an adequate amount and apply generously 15 minutes before sun exposure 
Reapply at least every 2 hours 
Store product upright after use"

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